Realization Day


Project: XANGA

Tonight, supposedly, a bunch of guys
are to gather and sip tea and eat saltines
while we watch ‘Serendipity‘ and hug
and cry on each others’ shoulders at
the appropriate times.

I can’t wait…

But, if it’s not like that, then, I probably can.

I realized that today will be the last day I
have to wake up to goto work besides
an overgrown protein-eating ogre, where I
have to clean, cook, do laundry, pay his bills,
and wait on him hand and foot.  Instead, I
will have have a beautiful princess!  Booya.
What a delight.

It’s realization day.  Time to slap myself
silly with the “Man, it’s the last time I’m going
to do this…”

I need Jesus.  Cause Jesus ftw.