Rebooting Patreon

Things can move fast in my world (and I like it like that).

I’ve always been fascinated by community, especially the digital ones. Heck, I’ve spent most of my technological and software career building them, in many shapes and forms.

And guess what? I’m going to try putting together another one!

Except, this isn’t really a “new” one, per se, but rather an attempt to combine some of the disparate communities that I have here and there into a single place on the web.

I shared a few thoughts on this topic a few days ago via my vlog:

Yes, that is one ugly face for the thumbnail. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Consequently, I’m shedding a few other properties, the biggest one being my personal email newsletter that I’ve had for quite some time – a few thousand folks religiously read those things when I can get to them.

Here’s what I wrote to them (and to you!) in my final email newsletter:

Hey all!

I do a lot of writing. A lot. Most of you know that already. I write every single day, multiple times a day, short-form… long-form… public… private.

I really do enjoy talking… or, at least, digitally.

But, I’ve realized that my community is alllllllllll over the place, in so many different locations and sites and services… and it’s hard to keep track and it’s even harder to grow and to further invest in them as a result.

And… that sucks.

So, after some thinking, I’ve realized that there’s an opportunity here! So what I’ve decided to do is to close down this newsletter (I know… some of you really love it… I’m so sorry!) and move all of you to my new (rebooted) page.

(Well… I can’t actually “move” anyone… you have to create an account and sign-up to my page!)

You can learn a bit more via my vlog that I recorded today:

Click me AFTER you read the rest of my thoughts below…!

I hope that many of you can make the transition over there and that we can continue to have great conversations and dialogues, as we always do. 

I’m serious! Every time I send one of these out I get tons and tons of email and it creates massive threads that I love to read and respond to. Many times I wish some of those thoughts were shared more publicly because they genuinely are fantastic reads…! but there are definitely times where you want to respond privately (which you can do on Patreon!) and i’m always down for that too.

So, what I can certainly guarantee is that I’ll have these types of messages… the ones that you love… just now in a slightly different place.

I’d love to have you and I hang out there, for a time, and see if we can consolidate a bit of our corners of the web a bit. See you soon!

What a ride… it’s been great. Love you all.



Writing that newsletter was always a refreshing “break” from the typical writing that I do day-in and day-out. I don’t discount the possibility of rebooting even an email newsletter… again… but, who cares if I do or don’t.

Life, for me, is about moving forward… one step at a time, and while I want to appreciate and be grateful for the past and all the great things that I’ve done… those things are not as nearly as important as what is directly before us, today and tomorrow.

I hope you all can do the same as well. This year is going to be the best year of our lives! Now, we just have to make it so.