Rejected: First Binary

So, the first submission was rejected by Apple yesterday. That feeling always sucks.



The issue wasn’t grave nor serious so I was able to fix it pretty quickly and get the submission back in line.

Here’s what they had issue with, if you’re curious:

The user interface is not consistent with the OS X Human Interface Guidelines.

We have found that when the user closes the main application window there is no menu item to re-open it. The app should implement a Window menu that lists the main window so it can be reopened, or provide similar functionality in another menu item. OS X Human Interface Guidelines, state that “The menu bar [a]lways contains [a] Window menu”.

Alternatively, if the application is a single-window app, it might be appropriate to save data and quit the app when the main window is closed.

For information on managing windows in Mac OS X, please review the following sections in Apple Human Interface Guidelines:

* The Menu Bar and Its Menus
* The Window Menu
* The File Menu
* Clicking in the Dock
* Window Behavior

Please evaluate how you can implement the appropriate changes, and resubmit your app for review.

So, that’s what I did and… we’re back in line:


Let’s try this again…

~Twiddles Thumbs~