I’ve just recently gotten connected with the team over at New Story Charity and they’ve got me convinced that their mission is one worth supporting.

I’ve just recently moved from Atlanta to the Bay Area and the biggest challenge that I (and my family) have faced is moving from home, to home, to home (or rather, AirBNB, to AirBNB, to new apartment)!

You know the feeling, right (and it apparently gets harder as your family gets bigger!)?

It’s super-easy to forget how blessed and how fortunate I really am to have a roof over my head and the opportunities that I have to even move from place to place to place.

Some people, like those that New Story Charity are supporting, do not even have this basic thing that I (and you) take for granted.

This isn’t some “Birthday replacement” campaign or anything like that… rather, I’ve just been moved to do something with the stark reminder that I’ve had about my family’s situation.

I’d like to challenge you to do the same. You’ve got a roof over your head and there are people who, if they had one too, it would fundamentally change their lives forever.

That’s pretty epic. Go here.