Remembering Old Projects

About once a month I get a notification of some domain name that I’ve let expire, typically related to an un-used property but sometimes related to a project that I had actually built out.

This is mostly because I’ve had a terrible habit of purchasing domain names with an intent to use them but never actually getting around to doing anything with them. But, again, on occasion there are a handful that actually get some time and attention.

Letting the domain expire.

Letting the domain expire.

A few years back I launched a Kickstarter Project for a mobile app, Pressgram, which was successfully funded and delivered. I had written constantly during the process about the experience and decided to package up some of the better lessons-learned into a small ebook which did very well in terms of sales, at one point bringing in over $1,000 a month.

I’ve since released the ebook for free and I believe it still provides value for folks now and again as I still get notifications about downloads.

But as I reflect on this old project the emotions center more around the struggles, the pain, the disappointment rather than the wins or the obvious successes that the project had seen. Raising money via Kickstarter was hard and a lot of the feedback that I had gotten on the project, as a whole, was brutal.

Ultimately, I shut down the app and it failed to reach a point of sustainability. To be honest, I’m not sure it was ever set up to succeed long-term. I couldn’t see it then but I can see this more clearly now, 3+ years later.

And to see it more clearly, with better perspective, is healthy. I’m okay with trying and failing, this is what life is mostly about. And I’m not going to stop experimenting either as this is a fundamental part of the exercise of failing as well.

Writing, for me, allows me to capture the experiences in real-time and gives me opportunities to remember, to retrospect, with clarity. This is another good reason to write consistently.