Remote – Office Not Required

I have not yet read this new book, Remote, by Jason Fried and DHH but I’m excited start it when it ends up on my doorstep.

And I don’t need to be convinced by either of them about their basic premise of how work has changed and how organizational success can be achieved without having all your staff and employees under the same roof – I know this from experience!

But with anything, there are pros and cons and it very much depends on the culture that you’re trying to build and the leadership that’s captaining the ship, sotospeak. I know of the challenges and the benefits, and I’m honestly neither here nor there about it as I appreciate both.

Saturday Leadership Meeting

Saturday Leadership Meeting

Only a few days ago on a Saturday morning I was able to connect with a few of my community leaders via Google+ Hangouts, a technology that wasn’t even available to us a few years ago and since has become increasingly better every month it seems.

My Community Leaders are from around the globe, literally, and yet we have the ability to connect and do some serious work and collaborate nearly on-command. It is really unbelievable when you think about it for a moment.

And yet, at the same time, I wish I could hang out with them in the flesh as well, even if it was just to sit in the same room as them. There’s something distinctly powerful about physical presence, something that I’m coming to appreciate more and more as the world becomes more technologically-bound, and after living in both worlds and running companies that have experimented with both, I can see it even more clearly now.

As a team we’re going to read Remote together and discuss it during one of our upcoming team meetings. It’s small things like this that can help gel a team together more and get them “on the same page,” both literally and figuratively.

So how about you? Are you working remotely for your job and do you like it? Are you planning on working more remotely in the near future?