Renewing the Domain


Oh yeah.

I got this notice the other day and I couldn’t believe that I’m coming up to a year with the domain name! It was only 6 weeks later that I officially launched version 1.0 on October 30th!

Yikes, nearly one year from launch – that’s insane! Clearly I’ll be renewing this URL…

In other news, all 3 binaries were rejected based on Metadata issues and I’ve reworked those things and resubmitted, so we’re still waiting to hear back.

I imagine that they are super-busy since the big announcements this week, so I can give them a bit of grace with the review times, etc. It’s actually been nice, to be honest, to have a bit of a break and although historically I’ve taken the review time delays as something not to look forward to I have a very different feeling this time around.

So, I’m thankful, bottom-line, for the time to decompress and just wait patiently for it all to work out. Of course, you all will be the first to know when it drops!