Tons of different emotions on this one:

The repetition of joy on the grandmother’s face is palpable but also, I imagine, the sadness from the mom-to-be who knows that her mother’s health is fading.

Glowing mum-to-be Christine Stone decided to film her mum Setsuko Harmon’s replies each time she informed her of her pregnancy over four days. Despite being afflicted with the memory destroying disease, the 77-year-old breaks into a huge grin and begins clapping with excitement whenever the news is broken. Invariably Setsuko asks her daughter when the baby us due before telling Christine, 38, ‘I’m so glad’ and giggling with joy.

This is real life, though. Raw and imperfect. Life and death. What was then and now and will be. The future and the past. But, I think there’s a lot of hope and more than enough to go around.

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