via Wiselike:

How do modern entrepreneurs determine and communicate the company’s direction? How do entrepreneurs identify a company’s direction? How do they make this direction become a reality?

Here’s my answer:

I’m not sure how others do it but I know one thing for sure… repetition is key.

You see, we are very dumb creatures and are prone to forget even the most crucial and fundamental truths for our lives (and let’s not even talk about the less-important things!).

Consequently, a great leader is one that continues to beat the same drum, repeat the vision of the company day-in and day-out. To the leader, it might eventually feel and sound rote but the reality is that it’s not – we all need to hear the life-giving words that help us, remind us, about the “why” in what we’re doing.

The best leaders that I’ve had in my life are the ones that were not only consistent in messaging but who were incessantly repetitive about the direction of the company, the values upon which the company was built upon, and the reasons why the company existed in the first place.

As a result, I daily repeat our mission and vision to my new organization so that they don’t lose heart and so that they do not forget why we are fighting so hard to make things happen.

On the second part of your question… about identifying direction and making it a reality, all I know about that is that the founder must feel, deep in their bones, that something is terribly wrong with the world and they are uniquely positioned to solve that problem.

They make this happen by being relentlessly resourceful.