Bloggers Need Rest to Write Well!

Looks so comfy... ... zzzz.

Rest is one of your greatest resources when it comes to writing and blogging.

Not lazy rest but good old fashioned healthy rest.We all are different and need different and varying amounts of rest but at the end of the day it’s all the same: Get some rejuvenating rest for your writing efforts!

I have found that my writing literally shrivels up if I don’t have enough rest and if I try to write while tired or exhausted it’s like pulling teeth.

Make sure to get some healthy rest this week so that your writing efforts are in their best shape possible!

But doesn’t always have to be sleep; it could be some other activity that provides that “rest” that you need. For me the following are true:

  • Reading a good book provides me rest.
  • Taking a short stroll provides me some rest.
  • Having a great conversation gives me rest.
  • Eating a brilliantly-tasting snack (or meal) gives me rest.
  • Watching a very light-hearted movie can provide me rest.

What about you?