Did You Make Your Short Term Traffic Goals from February?

Didn't quite make it... but almost!

It’s the first (or yesterday was) of the month and it’s time for you to take a look at at your traffic goals from the previous month and see if you’ve met them.

So, did you? I didn’t. I felt a bit like this for a moment but it’s all good! My explicit goal was to get at least 1,250 views per day and twice during the month I dipped below that goal.

Did I fail? Absolutely not! The month overall was another record month of growth despite the fact that February is a seriously short month! Not too bad.

Pressure and Humility

For the most part the pressure that I feel as it relates to my traffic generation and growth is all internal – I’ve created very aggressive goals to keep me motivated and moving forward and sometimes they aren’t even that realistic! To go from 1,000 views a day in the month of January and then jump 25% to 1,250 per day is pretty intense!

But, it’s good for me and helps me keep pace with my what I believe to be true: Short Term Traffic goals is a healthy strategy! And you should definitely have them.

But, missing it twice kept me humble and is keeping my nose to the ground, as they say. This is something I hope most bloggers never lose: A sense of where they’ve come from and where they’ve been as well as an overarching understanding that there’s so much more to do and that they are not there yet!

Let’s stay humble this month and keep going strong!

My goal for March, 2011 is to maintain 1,250 views a day. Since I didn’t make it last month I’ll give it a go again!

What about you?