Create the Right Environments for Other to Succeed

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a coach it’s this: You can’t motivate people into being motivated. There’s nothing that I, nor anyone else, can do in that regard.

The only thing that a coach can do (besides an occasional good piece of advice) is create the right context and environment for motivation to occur and bud naturally.

The things that matter in life do not require any outside motivation – you do this naturally for the things that matter the most to you, right? No one told you to love your wife and kids or eat more healthy or work out consistently – you were motivated to do so.

The same things goes with coaching as a good coach creates an environment where motivation can naturally build and then the person walking through it will catch it or miss it. The choice is entirely theirs. We just create opportunities and the rest is up to them.

My hope is always that I can help spark the development of that context, a new reality where the person believes that they can achieve what they are setting out to do or even create a new vision for a future much better than the one that they are walking into.

I hope to spark the existing internal drive that they have to do something awesome with what they have and with what they’ve learned over the course of their very own life. I give a few systems, a few “tricks,” introduce a few tools and technologies that might speed things up a bit but they’ll never do the work for the person.

I hope you don’t give up on what you’re doing and that you don’t quit. I hope you don’t lose that hunger that you had when you first signed up for whatever you’re doing right now. I hope you continually find yourself surrounded by people that will help create the right environments and context for your motivation and drive to flourish.

And eventually, maybe, you’ll begin to create that environment for others. Good technology and products do this too, btw.