The Right Sized Company

I love this slide via Dustin Moskovitz’ presentation at a recent conference:

I’ve been staring at it for a while just nodding my head since I’ve been a part of each single column, multiple times. It’s amazing how much wisdom and perspective can be gleaned from such a simple slide.

The question, of course, is what you’re going to do with this information and where you want to be (or where you are). Generally, if you’re unhappy about your current position it might be related to some of the opportunity and the size of the company.

Note that none of the columns are fundamentally better than another. To be sure, I’ve walked through a bunch of them in and out of the last two decades of my professional life and feel good about being fluid with them.


But, it’s helpful to remember that if I do get anxious or upset or “fidgety” with my current role it might simply be related to size (among other things, naturally).

Rate of learning and the speed of how fast your learn, though… that’s always key. I think you can do that in every column… but gets harder naturally in the middle and right one.