Release Notes for v1.4.1


My plan is to submit v1.4.1 today. And, what’s pretty cool (not related to the update) is the fact that this is blog post #300. That’s kind of neat, right?

So, I’ve spent the last few weeks (more than that I believe…) squashing a number of bugs, thanks to many of you for identifying them! Here’s a list of fixes that you may (or may not have) encountered:

  1. White square appears on the Preview after dropping image. Weird!
  2. App crashes after re-establishing the internet connection. Fixed!
  3. Image justification is not saved after re-opening the document. Sorry about that!
  4. Links are pasted as plain text in WYSIWYG mode. Fixed.
  5. Incorrect line break. Fixed…!
  6. Blog menu item is disabled. Whoops. My bad. Fixed!
  7. Command + A shortcut does not work in any text input field. Now, fixed!
  8. Shortcuts should be blocked on Preview. Yup. Fixed.
  9. (Un)ordered lists doesn’t work in Typewriter mode. Strange, but… fixed!
  10. Fixing video links posting to WordPress. Nice find… fixed!
  11. Adding Desk folder for saving documents in iCloud Drive folder. Big update and fix.
  12. User should be able to use “www” in Blog URL field. Strange nuancey-weirdness… but, solved.
  13. Fixing the logic of search in the app. This was hard to figure out, but, I got it handled.
  14. Fixing the logic of the shortcuts for deleting. Sorry. Reworking this for a bigger patch for v1.5 I think… but, this should be fixed in the short-term.
  15. Fixing the issue with copy-pasted images.
  16. Fixing HTTP/HTTPS validation in Blog Address field. Fixed.
  17. Pasting as plain text doubles clipboard content. Really odd, but fixed.
  18. Incorrect image scaling in the blog posts. Solved!
  19. Updating the tinymce library (from v4.0.26 to v4.2). Just an update that will help with continued building of app.
  20. Improving the animation for Preview window. This was a cool fix that was more of a performance increase than anything else.

Per usual, the feedback has been awesome as well as your support. Means a ton, and updating (or a new) Rating & Review goes a long way!

Thanks! You’re the best!