v1.2 Release Notes

v1.2...? Yes!

v1.2…? Yes!

I’ll just come out and say it – I’ve been working my ass off to get you the next iteration of our ever-improving app!

To think that it’s only been 5 days since v1.1 saw the light of day…!?!

But this foundational period is critical as I’m delivering high impact and high value to my so-called early adopters, my evangelists, members of this passionate community sine qua non!

You guys are making this experience really special and I’m just stoked to deliver you guys the next version which solves a number of issues that some of you (not everyone) have been experiencing.

My intention is quite simple – to ensure that you guys, the bedrock of our small (but growing) community, continue to love, lovelove, this app! I firmly believe in what I shared here (via Margaret Mead) earlier about how it only takes a few to do something amazing.

And I really believe we are doing (and building) something quite unique and amazing – it’s just taking the world a bit of time to catch up, that’s all!



So I’ve submitted v1.2 to the App Store and awaiting review. It looks like it may be a few days so you can relax and just know that it’s coming.

Until then, feel free to review this list of updates, improvements, and changes that are coming down the pipe!

Yes, like whoa… 30+ updates, fixes, and improvements in our v1.2 release!

Again, thanks to YOU for reporting them and helping us improve the product so quickly! Our team is listening intently to your requests and we’re knocking them out as best as we can.

Overall in this release you’ll see some major improvements with the app’s stability with optimization in the core codebase throughout, including…

  1. Change “Loaded…” to “Finalizing Upload…”
  2. Refresh profile fixes
  3. Multiple aesthetic issues, colors, visibility in app (e.g. Meta screen)
  4. Different colors at Like screen
  5. Persistent location on Feed screen after returning from single image view
  6. Loading failed although photo is shown in Feed (e.g. Failed to Upload)
  7. Problem with text in comment text box
  8. Visibility of pasting content, text in comment field
  9. Multiple design and spacing tweaks and enhancements
  10. Black bar and menu oddly shown, over the app
  11. Change “Share” to “Share via Social Networks”
  12. Missing the bar design (like via “Feed”) in multiple areas
  13. Change “Media” to “Media Settings”
  14. Add text below Image size settings
  15. Add two links
  16. First photo in the feed changed after scrolling down, caching issues
  17. Login via Twitter without email
  18. Hard to click “check” when choosing twitter (login screen)
  19. Loading status isn’t shown, better UX performance
  20. Link not working perfectly in comments
  21. Success message is not appear immediately, better UX response
  22. Issue with adding two identical self-hosted blogs
  23. Multiple app crashes in iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4 specifically
  24. Double content (e.g. text, content, images)
  25. Sub-Domain with a Dash “-“
  26. Missed the dividing line between menu items Feed and Popular
  27. Need alert about long text (Meta screen)
  28. Problem with bottom panel (comments screen)
  29. Unable to scroll through twitter handles for those that have lots of accounts
  30. Issue with notification counter (only showing +1)
  31. Issues with hashtags
  32. Issues with displaying content, not loading properly
  33. Change default image sizing to 400px, 600px, 900px respectively
  34. And a variety of other smaller tweaks and updates.

In addition, I hope you notice a much better performing app than the one that you had in v1.0… I’ve worked on the backend in a number of ways and have enhanced the core app API and server configurations as well. It’s just nice to see it becoming more “buttery” in UX – I like that and I hope you do too.

It’s been awesome folks and THANK YOU for your continued help and keep the ideas, feature requests, and bug catches coming over at our Community Help Site!