What’s On Your Personal Roadmap for 2012?

Somewhat in the same vein as the previous post about getting fired it occurred to me after reading many of the comments that I’m actually quite interested in some of the future plans for many of our community members around these parts.

What are some of the things on your personal roadmap for 2012 (as far as you can tell)? What have you got planned? What are some of the crazy-awesome projects that you’re planning on starting, building, and launching? What are some of the new businesses that you’re going to begin? What things will you stop doing this coming year that you’ve done every single year so far?

One of the most powerful things that I’ve learned about sharing my goals is that I typically am more amped about completing them after I share them. I know that many people suggest that sharing ideas actually stops your progress but I haven’t found that to be true. Obviously I’ve found it to be just the opposite.

Sharing one of your projects or business ideas in a comment is relatively harmless anyways, right? Or is it…

Love to hear what you’ve got planned. Inspire me folks!

Just so that I can participate as well I’ve already shared briefly an idea that I’m going to start next month: A new coaching program to help move people toward their goals.

In fact, I’ve already got my first test group lined up and they are already interacting in a serious way in a community huddle that I’ve created. They’ve got assignments already up and our first meeting is in January 19th. Incredible. What was a loose idea is now quickly forming through my Class Zero alpha group.

This is, without question, one of the few things I have on my personal roadmap for 2012. There’s no telling if it’s going to be a ‘success’ but that doesn’t matter. It’s progress, it’s movement forward. It’s all about getting stuff done. Remember the Done Manifesto?

So that’s one of them that I’m sharing with you publicly. Your turn.

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