Coworking in Atlanta: Roam

If you’re up in the northern part of Atlanta (in the Alpharetta area specifically) then you’ll definitely want to stop by at Roam, a neat work spot/coworking spot that gives a visitor free access to wifi and a ready cafe that serves hot and cold meals.

Pretty slick if you ask me! Located on the second floor right off of Windward Parkway Shopping Center (Google Maps here) it sits over such great eats as Twisted Taco and Wildflower Cafe (one of my wife’s favorite spots).

They’ve been around for a few years but with a recent interior design upgrade it’s really looking quite slick these days. It was once more of an open floor plan but the tables and dedicated spots for members is pretty neat.

But the best thing about Roam are the team work environments that you can book out as a member or pay per day if you’re a one-time visitor. My team has done this more than a few times when it was more strategic for us to spend time up here in north Atlanta. It’s even got a much larger conference-type room for big gatherings too!

Check out these sweet pics:

You can walk or take the elevator up!

Some soft seats to sit on if you want!

Reserved spot for members. Ah, that’s nice.

Chris is getting something to eat.

Love that super-long wood table!

The only downside is that their network has been known to be super slow at times, which isn’t a good thing at all, it can bump up north of two figures for upload and download speed.

Apparently I couldn’t get this to happen today though so it took forever and a day to upload these shots. It is what it is, right?

In all in all the spot is great for individuals, teams, and the occasional one-off meeting. I’ve been here multiple times so to say that I’ve been satisfied with the service is obvious.

So check it out if you’re in the area!

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