Roenne Learns Ruby


So much concentration…!

I’ve begun spending time with my oldest, @Roenne, and showing her some basic programming languages and I’ve decided to have her take a stab at Ruby. Here’s her first few lines:

I’m so very proud of her! I’ve been obsessed with helping others to learn new software skills (shouldn’t be a big surprise via The Iron Yard‘s Academy program) and I figured it was time to have my own kids start building some software.


I helped Roenne’s school participate in The Hour of Code program recently and that was a great success. My goal, like many things as a parent, is to simply introduce her to these activities and see if she takes to them naturally.

I do not have any crazy dreams that either of my kids will take up programming like their “Appa” but it would be neat to watch them find a passion for it.

So far, Roenne has enjoyed the Ruby work (she easily completed but she’s a very visual learner so we go back and forth from this and Scratch (as a reward for working through “lines”). HacketyHack is already downloaded and she’s working through that as well.


I think it will be neat to document my oldest’s progress as she continues to work through it – we’ll see where it all heads, shall we?