Working on Working Environments

Something really neat has occurred as I’ve seen my oldest grow as an independent student; she’s begun creating her “work” environment and has begun having opinions about how and where she does her assignments.

That’s kind of neat.


In other words, she’s beginning to care about the environment around her and the elements and artifacts that she has access to so that she can get her work done for hackschool.

So, she’ll do some work at the table and then, later, she’ll move to the couch or to the countertop so she can have a different angle and perspective. Her freedom of motion is important and I have encouraged her to feel okay with having to move around and swap her work environments.

This, of course, is just healthy exercise and she’s discovered it also helps her work through problems (imagine that).

Currently, she’s working on building out animation for a few games she’s building:


I love watching her relax on the couch and just go at it. I am one proud dad.

She hates math but she doesn’t appear to be realize that she’s doing math while she’s building software. I love that. So tricky…