Subscribe to RSS Feed Reminder WordPress Plugin

A simple call to action at the end of your comment field.

Sometimes the most simple additions to your blog are the absolute best – no need to get overly complicated, right?

For example, I’ve been running a small call to action at the end of the comment box here (see image above or check out any post) on TentBlogger to help remind people that the should Subscribe via RSS or even the Newsletter if they feel like it!

What I’ve discovered is that through adding this simple reminder I’ve been able to get more subscribers to my blog, especially since anyone who has already committed to spending the time to comment has already shown interest in the content and the community!


These qualified commenters are a shoe-in to subscribe – and they do! And that’s what this WordPress Plugin does: It simply adds a single line at the bottom of your comment field go give them one more shot at subscribing to your blog!

Done and done! It automatically links to your /feed so that your audience has access to your RSS feed instantly. You can, of course, add some additional lines after the base install if you’re game enough to jump into the code a bit! Add any other links as you wish!

And, don’t forget that a perfect companion WordPress Plugin would be my FeedBurner RSS Redirect so that it automatically redirects to your FeedBurner feed instead! Use them both to achieve maximum awesomeness!

Download it here!

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