Vimeo, YouTube RSS Embed WordPress Plugin

Strategic call-out that's intelligently designed for stupid RSS readers...

Don’t lose a video viewer via those pesky RSS Readers again!

Your content is important – every single piece of it! This includes both the content via copy as well as the rich media that you create day in and day out! There should be nothing that’s stopping your faithful readers to consume and engage with your content, right?

Unfortunately something that’s severely lacking innovation (and significant advancements) is in the area of RSS feed interpretation via RSS Readers. In other words, many of the RSS readers that your community is using (like Google Reader and many others) do not read your feeds with 100% accuracy, especially when it comes to formatting and rich media like video.

The problem? You’ll be scanning through your RSS feeds and suddenly you’ll see a huge blank spot in your reader where a video should be. Or you won’t even see a video at all! Doh!

Here’s a good example (from one of my personal blogs no less!):

Video embedded in a WordPress post.

As you can see above there is a video embedded in this post. If you’re on the actual blog you’d be able to see it.

But, if I was subscribed to this blog and walked through my reader it doesn’t show up! Look below:

RSS feed video embed fail!

Doh! You see that big blank spot where the video should be? There’s no video that’s actually showing! My readers would completely miss out on the video and it just looks like the post is incomplete.

It essentially makes me look a little unprofessional as well, right?

We can’t afford to not have our videos show up and if they don’t we need at least a graceful fall-back so that your readers can get to the awesome videos that you’ve spent time and energy creating, right?!

We’ve got a solution for you…

An Intelligent (and Quick) RSS Video Embed

What Tom and I have created is a very simple and elegant solution that’ll not only speed up your efforts to embed videos from the two top and most popular video sharing services (YouTube and Vimeo) but also intelligently create a fall-back solution if your readers are using a RSS feed reader application that can’t seem to interpret your videos well.

Intelligent and simple!

It simply adds a small button in a very familiar spot and allows you to automatically insert a video link that will then insert a shortcode into your post.

Click it and this pops up:


It then inserts the shortcode into the post for you:

Simple, right?

But that’s just the start! This not only auto-embeds the video for you but also adjust the width of the video to the settings you’ve already established via your WordPress Settings.

This not only saves you time having to fiddle with the width and the height with your embeds but gets it right every single time for your blog!

But, that’s not where the magic happens because in your visitors RSS feed reader it creates a beautiful fall-back that’ll give them not only a notice that there is a video on this post but also a direct link to the post itself so that you can capture their attention and their engagement (as well as for them to see the video!).

Check it out:

Elegant and simple. Don't lose a video viewer again!

Click for a larger view! Sweet, right?

Here’s another look in the Safari browser:

Safari browser RSS video embed fall-back.

As you can see it’ll put the text where the video should be so that you can get to it!

Here are the features in a nutshell:

  • Quickly lets you add videos to your blog posts with a click of a button.
  • No setup necessary – works right out of the box! Install and go!
  • Embeds shortcode into your post with your video settings! No need to mess with width or height!
  • Intelligently manages video embeds in your visitors RSS feed readers.
  • Creates graceful fall-back notifying your readers that there is a video in this post with a link back to the direct post for easy viewing!

Enough said, right?

Download it right here!

Love to know your thoughts!