It’s All About Execution

The answer to most everything is, as Russell Westbrook says, execution.

Want the “secret” to a successful side project? Execution. Want to know how to make traction work? Execution. Want to build a new and growing online community? Execution.

This doesn’t mean that one knows how to best execute but rather that they try. I have found this behavior richly-rewarding when one puts their mind and their hands to work.

And I can attest to this from personal experience as I have never known everything when it came to launching my small projects. All I knew that I was willing to invest the time to research and to find out the answers to the problems that I would encounter, regardless of how large they would become.

It’s all about execution at the end of the day and I hope that this is the year that you can do this for your own projects and endeavors. If you don’t have a solution? Go find one (or make one).