RV Day 14

Time to hit the road and head back west! Except, we decided to take a little bit of a detour south to hit up some incredible beach in and around the Grayton Beach Park and Seaside area!

After we said our goodbyes to that amazing AirBNB (so many great memories!!) we hit the road hard, traveling almost 6 hours south in nearly a single go.

I spent much more time than necessary trying to inflate my tires and after a massive failure at a local stop I was lucky enough to find a truck repair depot that gave me enough pressure to hit 75DPI in the front and 80DPI in the back, respectively.


Got some great pics of the King:

We got in late and managed to have enough time to relax a bit before hitting the 💤 button(s) and do a bit of exploring.

Seriously, not a terrible drive — I really think we’ve hit a nice stretch here, mentally-speaking, where I’m able to really unplug. Thank God.