RV Day 20

We drove 470 miles and went to a Dinosaur Museum! OMFG, it was amazing… except my kids like running around the place while I try to keep up and not enjoy the exhibits…

And… a video of the insanity:

But, today got even more crazy as I realized that I had a clogged Gray Water system and after a little bought of anxiety and panic, I asked to borrow some tools from a fellow RV-er (is that a right word?) and was able to unclog the system:

I cried when I had it fixed because it was so hard to do (and I was generally unsure if it would work).

We ended up staying at this place which was amazing until the entire RV Park’s power got cut off (including the gas station)!

Oh, and random Biker Gang for Jesus:

And a dragonfly:

That’s it.