RV Day 22

Our first, full-day at the Grand Canyon! We had a lot of plans… sometimes those plans don’t work out the way you wanted.

But, everyone eventually survives.

I’ll never forget losing my mind in the early-morning as we tried to get to a sunrise viewing and I eventually found myself running randomly through the woods at 5:00am in the morning.

The stories that we can tell…

The big event, though, was a bike ride around the rim of the canyon. I took the girls and Buddy King and it was glorious.

We also did the first part of Bright Angel Trail, a very famous (and apparently dangerous) trek down to the Colorado River. I didn’t want to die, so, we only did the first part, which was actually quite difficult.

Then, of course, we hit Mather Point as a family — this was either after I went insane or before… I can’t remember which.

We tried doing some fun panoramas too:

Yeah, I think those worked.

A few more randoms from a very, very full day:

And then, of course: