RV Day 25 — The End…?

This is it! The final day. We spent the morning saying our goodbyes and then I took it to over to Fremont.

Really sad that I won’t be driving her anymore (yes, I gave her a name… but, I don’t feel comfortable sharing what it is).

Hanging outside the home… giving her some love before we send her back… *sniff *sniff:

And then we took it for a final spin to the first day of school for the girls! We actually got some decent pictures of all of us in front of it!

Then, one final solo-drive across the bay:

Oh… I missed you:

I like our Audi Q5.

The… end?

At some point… I may have time (and the emotional energy) to share a bit more about the trip, but, the pictures will do for now.

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