You Will Always Be the Little Guy

I’ve got a new set of decals on my Macbook Air and they feature Ryu and Sagat from the Street Fighter franchise! Ryu has always been my most favorite character and his rival with Sagat has always enamored me – I love the idea of two guys who love what they do, are passionate about their art and craft, and just want to beat the living snot out of each other to prove it.

Yes, I am very much a geek.

But as I was putting these stickers on the other day my 5 year old daughter was watching me and asked me plainly who those two guys were – I told her that they were “Ryu” and “Sagat” from Street Fighter (which she’s played on my iPhone 4) and that I liked Ryu the best.

She paused, and then asked:

Why do you like him? He’s small!

I laughed because she was right – he was definitely much smaller than Sagat! But it made me think about how I’ve always enjoyed being the so-called underdog, the guy that the masses would bet against and then come out on top in a stroke of genius (or call it luck). The thing is that I believe this applies to all of us, even those who are seemingly at the top of their game.

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You see, there is always someone further down the line, more experienced, more successful than you. This will always be the case. The moment you lift your head from your work and look around you you’ll find people who are doing it better and with greater effectiveness and success.

But that’s not why you started doing what you do – that’s not why I started doing what I love to do and that’s certainly not why I started blogging!

We need to remember two simple truths:

  1. We do what we do because we love it. We were made to do it. It’s part of who we are and who we’re supposed to be.
  2. There is always someone ahead of us, someone further down the line.

And this is ok. It doesn’t mean you have less to offer or contribute. It just means that someone started before you, that’s all. Hopefully it’ll stoke some competitive spirit within you as well as keep you humble.

Rejoice in your “small-guy-ness;” it’s a good thing.