Sample More.

I love this. I love the story. I love their failure (which I wasn’t aware of because I had just missed out of their earlier records).

I love how they took the time to move back to “the basics”, test out a lot of stuff, and make the music that they wanted to make.

These guys…

There’s a strong argument for generalization here as well.

So much of my own life has been qualified by music, not always good music, but, just music. I can remember, vividly, parts of my life whenever a certain song comes on the radio – I’m transported back to that time and I’m living it.

I remember talking to some friends in Middle School about “how cool” it would be to have a “soundtrack” to our lives, and as we walk around doing everyday, normal stuff, we’d have our own theme song playing in the background from some heavenly speaker (with sub-woofers, mids, highs, and “tweeters” and all of that nonsense!).

The thing is that I told many of my pre-teen, pimple-faced friends that I already had one and they laughed at me. I couldn’t understand why until I realized that they simply didn’t have it figured out yet – the soundtrack of our lives is what we make it to be and that it can change, based on mood, feeling, and experience.

And, that you didn’t have to wait for anyone else to make it for you – choose your favorites and go. Simple, back to the basics.

I sampled so much music when I was younger (and I still do). Sampling is a go-to strategy for my entire life. I just want to try new things all the time because that’s how I learn, grow, and create value for others.

We need to all sample more.

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