Limited by Apple (Saving to Original Folder)

So, there have been a number of people asking a particular question about “Saving to Location” or rather… why we can’t just easily save to the original location of the images…

Well, that’s because I can’t really set the images in the same folder with the original based on restrictions via Apple and Mac OS X.

Every app that is sold via the App Store has to be placed into its own separate “sandbox” which has a number of set limitations.

For those that aren’t familiar with that term, it’s essentially what you might think it is, isolated “installations” for the apps you buy and install on your machine so that a bully kid won’t come over and knock over your sand castle… or something like that.

Consequently, one of the limitations is that you can’t save images into the folders that you want on boot, only in the folders which the app creates (i.e. the sandcastles in the sandbox) once it is installed.

I hope that’s not too technical, but, it is kind of a pain in the rear. I’m looking at some other alternatives and we’ll see if I can figure something out.