Saving Issue in v1.4


As some of you may have experienced, there’s been an issue with saving. It essentially works like this:

  1. Launch Desk
  2. Change Title
  3. Saving Location Option appears and you choose iCloud’s Desk App folder…

And this is where it starts breaking down…

  1. You can’t seem to locate folder
  2. Save draft

Desk App then proposes another save location, “Documents Folder”

The problem is that things aren’t working as they should be. The solution, I believe, is to make a folder for DeskPM in iCloud Drive, which is a common decision by many more famous OS X apps (so I can follow common convention).

Consequently, there are a few ways that I can do this and I will have to create new iCloud Containers and re-create certificates for signing on the app (ahhhh… this always can cause a bit of a headache…).

So, that’s what’s up.