Scared Shitless

I received a notice a few days ago that an old Feedburner account of mine was being changed and that I’d want to migrate some of these feeds over if I didn’t want to lose them.

I couldn’t imagine what they were talking about since I haven’t used that service in years.

Oh. Those?!

Wow. Just… wow. Those were some of the very first feeds that I had ever setup! And that’s because those were some of the very sites that I had put together when I first got my job at Dell, Inc.

Sadly, it was also my first run-in with Townsend & Townsend, LinkedIn’s legal firm that threw me a Cease and Desist letter in 2008! Hell, I even blogged about it:

When I look back on that post, I barely remember my thoughts and what I was feeling, but, I know that I was upset and I quickly decided to pull the site down. I think I wanted to be upset more than I was, at the time, but, I moved on quickly.

The second feed on that list gave me an even bigger heart attack because I booted up a new blog called “A Better Dell dot Com” because I had just recently got a new job working for them! I was so excited that I wanted to dedicate a blog to chronicle my journey into the largest computer company in the world (at that time).

Legal department wasn’t having any of it.

Before I even set foot on the campus for Day Numero Uno, I was sent an email saying that my new employment was at risk if I didn’t immediately delete my blog and sign over the rights (and domain registration) to them.

I complied. Why? Because I was scared shitless.

I needed that job like it was no one’s business, not just because I needed money (and I was pretty desperate at the time) but because I needed a major confidence boost as the last year had been… a bit of a disappointment (big understatement here).

I knew, right then and there, that I wouldn’t stay very long at the company and I didn’t even last 2 years.

What a journey it’s been from there!