The Scariest of Days

Yesterday was one of the scariest days of my life:

via my wife

Here’s the email that we sent to family, friends, and our neighbors:

Arden is safe at home with some deep bruising and sprains. Fortunately, no broken bones or other damage internally. 

Thank you to everyone who helped in some way during today’s traumatic incident. Many of you offered valuable help, immediate action, and support. We were particularly touched by Andi (and Niraj), who went out of her way to check on Arden and John while working at the hospital.

Because it is only natural that you are curious about the details, I will explain as briefly as I can. Arden was in the street, near Stephanie’s car. She did not jump out from behind the car, nor was she coming from behind it. She was in the middle of the street, in plain sight, riding her scooter towards our house to jump off of a ramp.

Unfortunately, she was distracted, and was looking away when the car sped towards her. She never even registered the car until it hit her. The car first passed John, and nearly swiped him, and he ran after the car towards Arden in an attempt to stop the car and/or reach Arden. You may have heard several thuds. The first one was Arden getting hit in the left knee. Next, she flew up and hit Stephanie’s car. Arden fell to the ground hitting her right knee, then her helmeted head (which cracked in multiple places), and then her left foot was run over by the back wheel of the car. Finally, John slammed into the driver’s car b/c he was running so fast, he could not stop himself.

The police were not able to get a clear statement from Arden, and must have decided John was biased, b/c they went with the driver’s statement that they were driving at the right speed and that Arden darted out from behind the van. Never the less, the driver had a warrant out for her arrest, and so, you may have witnessed her being handcuffed and taken away.

I’m completely drained, and thats the best I can do. Thank you to those proactively trying to do something about the speeding cars. We will put our names down on any petitions, and chip in for whatever is being bought/built. 

Sue + family @161

I shared a few, candid thoughts on this via my vlog: