Scheduling and Responsibilities for Your Corporate Blog

Now that you’ve committed to executing your business blog and you’ve gone through a lot of the preliminary questions that will help align your business you now have most of what you need to start building.

It’s time now to declare a few things that’ll get you and your organization to launch rightly, which are very simple but will require some dedicated time to vet them out:

  1. The Schedule
  2. Who’s Responsible

Simple, right? We’ve briefly talked about the first part – you’ll need to create a schedule of not only when you’ll start writing your business blog (a “Launch Date”) but how often you’ll be consistently writing every single week. And now that you have a good idea of what this will take you’re able to forecast a bit better as to when you’ll be able to hit the ground running.

So set a date internally, let your team know, craft a weekly schedule and then begin to fill in the next question: Who is exactly responsible for all of the moving parts?

That’s why scheduling and declaring responsibility are so closely tied – they depend on each other! You’ll need to know who’s ultimately responsible for launching the technical side of the blog as well as who’s writing the content every single week.

The challenge for many people that run their own business is they are doing all of these things themselves! They are the scheduling team, the writing team, and the team that’s providing accountability to the system! The way to make sure you hit your own milestones and benchmarks is to get some help, either those that know you best or some friends in the industry.

The point is that you need to make sure that you have some accountability toward your scheduling and responsibilities or you’ll find yourself three months in after launching your blog and only one, maybe two, blog posts published. That’s not a business blog at all!

Get these things lined up and you’ll do just fine.

[This is part of the Building a Killer Business and Corporate Blog Series. Image via Creative Commons, cybrarian.]