Scott Barstow Show

I had the pleasure of joining Scott on his podcast last week and it went live this weekend:

The Scott Barstow Show, Episode #006 – John Saddington, CEO and Founder of

Thanks Scott – enjoyed it a ton! Give it a listen via his blog. I share a few thoughts on my entrepreneurial journey, writing, starting companies, and even a bit around hiring staff.

After listening this over myself I’ve come to realize that I stutter much more than I’d like and that I say “um” way too often. I, too, have a lot more to improve in terms of my communication skills!

What is even more fascinating is to compare this to when I am on stage or in a public environment where I can see the audience, the other participants on stage, and there’s a much more visual component – I stutter and say “um” much less often.

Although I enjoy podcasts I think I’m a much better communicator live. Which is saying something because I’m still not that great of a public communicator live! But, this is something that I’d like to improve over time and it’s something that can only be done by doing it over, and over, and over again.

I’ve just got to dance if I hope to improve at all.

Thanks again Scott! Your friendship means the most though.