How To Build a Blog from Scratch

Over the next few weeks I’m going to spend time documenting the entire process that I take to build a blog from scratch.

What’s nice is that this blog will evolve as I walk through the process myself (and with you hopefully).

Sure, some of the elements are already in place, but a number of them (like design) are obviously not complete.

I’ve already drafted a few posts already but I thought it would be worthwhile to ask the small (but growing) community here what they would like to see in terms of blog topics.

Here are a few posts already in the queue and/or brainstormed (in no particular order):

  1. Picking a Domain Name
  2. Choosing the Right Hosting Provider
  3. Basics of DNS, Domains
  4. Google Apps, Setting Up Mail
  5. Blogging Platforms and WordPress
  6. Setting Up WordPress
  7. Strategic Static Pages
  8. Analytics, Metrics, Google
  9. Setting Goals
  10. Feedburner, RSS Management
  11. Twitter and Other Social Media
  12. Strategies of Research, Content Creation
  13. Categories, Tags, and More
  14. Focusing Your Content, Niche
  15. Sitemaps, XML
  16. Robots
  17. Advertising
  18. Blog Design, Themes
  19. Plugins, Widgets, 3rd Party Services
  20. And More…

What would you like to see? Tell me in the comments and perhaps I’ll cover it!

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