Use ScreenFloat to Increase Your Writing Speed and Productivity

[tentblogger-vimeo 21576751]

Sometimes the smallest apps are some of the most brilliant and this one that I’m sharing with you today is no exception!

Take a look at the video above and just watch how I can quickly increase the speed at which I can blog! Instead of switching between windows and tabs I can keep a persistent screen of the content I’m interested in writing about on top of all my other screens, including the editor!

I can quickly make the screen “disappear” with a keyboard shortcut (or mouse-over) and then even store these screencaps in a native archive via the app!

I’ve saved tons of time with this application and it was well worth the $8 bucks that I spent on it! Unfortunately it appears that it’s only available for the Mac but I do believe there are PC/Windows alternatives out there!

Remember, your goal as a writer and blogger is to find applications that increase your speed, productivity, and effectiveness! Don’t waste time with any apps that slow you down (and you’d be surprised at how many apps you use actually cause distraction rather than focus)!

ScreenFloat is one of them. Check it out here!

Of course, you can watch the official overview video here (but I think mine is much better! *smile*):

[tentblogger-vimeo 21576236]

Thoughts? Is this something you’d find useful?