Screw That Game


Making it to the top isn’t the game you should be focused on. The top is full of people who hate what they had to do or who they had to become to get there. Even for the people who get there with a clean conscience often end up disappointed by how shallow the satisfaction really is.

Besides, you only have limited influence on whether you’re going to succeed at whatever you put your mind to. It’s by no means within your exclusive sphere of control. There are so many things that have to come together at the same time. Only a couple of which you own.

But you do have control over whether you’re doing a good job, as measured by your personal sense of satisfaction in the work. Over whether you’re taking the time to notice, to learn, to improve. That’s the most fulfilling part of being up there, at the top, anyway. The “being good” part. Hell, even the “becoming good” part is pretty amazing, if you play it right.

That’s a game worth winning: The one played with yourself for your own betterment. Not the one played against others, measured against them. Screw that game.

via Signal v Noise

Focusing on the very few things that you do have control over is definitely important, just as important as understanding that this means that the vast majority of factors in our lives are completely outside of our control.

And that’s entirely okay too.

I think we can over-emphasize these things in our lives too, almost to a suffocating degree at times, where we feel an unbelievable amount of pressure to “get this right” before we all end up six feet under.

Rather, that type of life is anything but relaxed! This, of course, only adds to the amount of pressure we feel and I’d much rather tone it down and be a bit more present, if I can, than try to make sure that every single moment of every single day is “optimized” to the nth degree.

There are some days, where, the best thing that I can do is do nothing! Just rest, relax, and reflect on what is currently happening in our lives instead of spending so much time planning and strategizing for an unknowable future.

That’s just not a very good game to play.