Building Season


I don’t have a very attractive home office – it’s been in flux design-wise since we moved into this home a few years ago. In many ways I think I’ve generally given up on the “perfect” home office as there is no such thing in my world and there is almost no time, energy, or money that will get me there besides.

I just need a quiet space, a few feet of desk, and just a little bit extra to lay all devices and peripherals out that I need so that they can be in arms reach; that’s it, nothing fancy, nothing grandiose, nothing extravagant or super-cool. Just pure function from beginning to end.

And if it’s not 100% functional it gets abandoned, thrown away, or destroyed. I have no time for waste and little time for desk-art or artifacts for inspiration. I have books that sit a few feet away that are ordered in reading opportunity, importance, and purchase date. The stack will dwindle quickly as my breaks between my work are spent pouring through chapters like water.

But in a season like this I step it up a notch and I am allowed to introduce a significant piece of furniture to the mix that allows me to work as long and as hard as my “focused spells” allow me to do, and that’s a bed.

Again, nothing fancy, nothing ornate, and certainly no need for a box spring or frame. Just a bed, a pillow, and a sheet (or two).


This has been my view, my office, for the past 6 months as a side project of mine transformed into something that required nearly every waking hour of my attention.

This is the building season and, more specifically, the foundational building season for the weeks, months, and perhaps years to come. I have worked tirelessly to deliver what I said I would deliver as close to the promised time for delivery. It has been painstakingly-difficult requiring me to work long days and late nights and into the mornings at times for development sprints that couldn’t be paused.

My family has been through this season before, this building season. They have seen me pour hours into my work and have been so gracious, allowing me the time I need to complete the tasks that lie before me. And that list of tasks has been very long and seems to continue to grow every single day.

But here’s is an interesting thing that has happened as a natural consequence, something that I haven’t experienced in a very long time, something that I had forgotten: I am so insanely focused on this one thing that I am more productive and more hungry and more effective at everything else in life as a natural bi-product.

The last time I really saw this happen was when I was a Junior at Georgia Tech. I was working 2 jobs, dating my sweetheart who would eventually become my wife, and loaded with 21 hours of course work that one semester. I surprised myself when I walked out of that blur of a semester with the highest GPA of any semester previously, a growing and healthy relationship with my girlfriend, and two very satisfied employers.

Building season is a busy season but that doesn’t mean that everything else has to go to pot. In fact, with great focus comes the potential for greater effectiveness. I say “potential” because it’s not guaranteed as many of us (myself included) focus on too many things which is anything but focus.

Historically it’s been when I’ve focused too much time and attention on multiple projects; everything seems to suffer as a natural consequence and no one has a clear victory scenario. But right now my focus is clear as I’m working on Pressgram full-time (and then some, my family, and my health. All three are doing fantastic and I’m building into each one every single day.

In fact, I am as fit and as healthy as I’ve ever been. I also weigh as much as I did in High School. My marriage to my spouse is better than ever and my relationship with my kids is growing soundly and securely. I actually have more time with them than I previously had!

I love this season of building as everything in my life has found a natural pace, albeit fast, and it’s one that is comfortable and challenging at the same time. Just enough of “scary” to keep us on our toes but just enough that is familiar for us to sleep well at night.

I hope that you are in an awesome season of building as well and that you’re enjoying the moment, despite how difficult it may be. It’ll be here and gone by the time you even give it a second thought and then it’ll be all over.