Seasons of Silence


When building a product you can often find yourself in long stretches of relative quiet, where you’re just heads-down building and there isn’t much more to tell or to share.

I see this happen all the time in the online space as there’s this big “splash” of an announcement of sorts and everyone gets really excited for a brief moment and then all that energy just dissipates into nothing as the people building the project or product have to actually get to work.

And it’s in this season of relative silence that can be disheartening and even down-right discouraging, even (and especially) for an indie developer.

You see, even though most independent developers weren’t doing it for attention or acclaim the movement from being main stage to being completely forgotten happens so quickly online it can break one’s neck and cause whiplash.

Because the market never stops growing and evolving; new competitors enter the space and people’s attention span is tested constantly with X, Y, Z new doodad and thingamajig. And, if the customers can’t be instantaneously satiated they leave. Sometimes they even leave vocally letting you know that they are “disappointed,” among other things.

These seasons of silence where the actual work is getting done are testing beds for the indie and small-time project person. These are important times and it’s the crucible where your fears and anxieties must be overcome. It’s where your learn of your own grit, what you’re made of – your mettle.

Do not be afraid of these seasons! Instead, welcome them. They are a time of deep reflection, an important time where the thoughts in your head are being visibly tested in the flesh. Your work, whatever it may be, whatever it will become, will be better for it.

No project or product worth pursuing it without these seasons. Relish them.