Second Opinions

Getting a second opinion is a philosophy and practice that my parents (especially my father) instilled into their children. It’s just worth it, from the somewhat small decisions to the very large ones.

I was reminded of this as we’re dealing with a possible mold issue in our house and the first inspection came back with “catastrophic” results demanding that we vacate the home for a week+ and have them carve out a big part of the home.

But… it just feels and smells a bit fishy.

We called them to confirm the discovery of mold and they could not give us a clear “Yes” or “No”… simply a circular statement that they kept repeating:

There seems to be evidence of a historical water issue in the home. We should proceed with this procedure.

But… is there mold?

… no comment.

So, we’re now going to get a second opinion because the first feels super-shady af.

Getting a second opinion can save you time, money, and a ton of heartache. If there isn’t a reason to leave our home then we shouldn’t. And when one considers even the larger decisions of life (marriage, jobs, geographic moves, etc…) one should also get a second opinion.

This doesn’t mean you need to respect or follow either opinion, of course… it’s just good data and typically the cost is nominal if anything at all.