Secret Weapon: Mentors

I think more companies need this internally:

The benefits of mentorship aren’t limited to entrepreneurship. Research in other fields also shows that good mentors tend to improve the performance of their protégés. However, the magnitude of difference between the performance of companies with successful mentors and companies that lack them suggests that the value of effective mentors for startups may be especially high.

Unfortunately, it’s sad that it’s even being considered a “secret”… but I understand why since it is so underutilized. I’d love for the companies that I work with to be different – the results are so clear, so powerful.



The problem isn’t with the idea itself as most people concede this model to be powerful and true; instead, there just aren’t enough mentors to go around because not enough people are really interested in it.

But, I think that changes the moment someone gets a real taste of its power. They suddenly become an observer to someone who’s directly benefited to the life change and now they want to give that back to others.

I love how that works (or should work).