Seesmic is Insane

I’m hooked.  Well, not completely.  But, very close.  My first pass at Seesmic was one of incredulity in regards to it’s stickiness or sustainability long term.  Even after I got my alpha-invite I stood by and casually watched others engage in conversation ranging from the absolute mundane to the extremely energy-charged conversations of religion and politics.  I didn’t “see” the attractiveness of it… until today.

Half-way through the day I booted up my new Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 (with Carl Zeiss Optics!  …  I have no idea what that means btw…) and hopped on over to Seesmic to give it a whirl.

A couple hours later I had found that I had a number of followed real-time conversations (both public and private) and was heavily engaged with discussions ranging the broad spectrum of life.  I even had my daughter innocently join me for one session and she promptly received a number of replies, probably because her cutey-pie factor is off the charts.

I did have a slightly anxious afterthought to having my 19-month old engage in cutting-edge social networking technology and her having near-real-time chat and discussions with strangers… the age of internet innocence is so young these days… *my bad!*

One of the longest conversation threads was a question I posed about Seesmic Culture: Do’s and Don’ts.  Essentially I was wondering what made Seesmic special, unique, etc, and what, if any, were some cultural taboos to look out for (since I was a n00b).

Nathan’s response here was pretty good:
[link broken]
Finally, the best thing about Seesmic is the level of instant engagement with others.  Unlike this blog of mine, I get… maybe… 1 comment per post…?  Typically I get none.  The first question or videopost on Seesmic? 17.  Yes, 17 and counting.  Whoa.

It has yet to be seen where Seesmic will head.  There’s certainly much that it needs (like a search functionality… sheesh!) but what it currently offers is the hotness.  I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open for this one.

Oh, and by the way.  I have 2 more alpha-invites for anyone that’s interested (and who actually made it through to the end of this post).  Drop me a comment and I’ll shoot it over.