The Blogger’s Essential Guide to Search Engine Optimization

The point of SEO is this: More Traffic!

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Please read this post before diving in too deeply…!

A number of you have been waiting patiently for this new Blog Series to start and I’m glad to share with you that the core posts have been drafted and are waiting publishing dates in the very near future!

As I’ve done historically with my other series this post will serve as a table of contents for the series as I publish and craft the content for you.

Here’s what you can expect in this group of blog posts: Practical overviews of the important elements of SEO for bloggers, tips and tools for optimizing your content, strategy for maximizing your search engine optimization efforts, and things to be cautious of and to avoid when architecting your content.

As always, please leave your thoughts, suggestions, and things you’d love for me to consider covering in the comments!

Can’t wait to get started (this is a preliminary list of post topics that will be covered):

  1. A Practical Introduction to SEO and Search Engines for Bloggers
  2. Intro to Meta Elements: SEO Spider Test and Search Engine Crawler Tool
  3. Never Forget: Blog for People, Not for Search Engines (or Robots)
  4. Important SEO Factors that Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Consider in SERPs
  5. 10 Search Engine Limitations that Impact You and Your Blog
  6. Optimizing Your Blog’s Indexable HTML Content for SEO
  7. How to Search Engine Optimize Your Links, URLs
  8. PageRank: What Bloggers Need to Know and Do to Increase It
  9. The Curious Power of NoFollow and What Bloggers Need to Know
  10. Crafting Perfect SEO Meta Title Tags for Your Blog Posts
  11. 10 Free Keyword Tools for Your Blog Title Tag Research
  12. A Blogger’s Pocket Guide to Meta Robots and Robots.txt
  13. How Often Does Google Update My PageRank Value?
  14. Optimize Your WordPress Blog Post’s Slugs for SEO and More
  15. Fix Broken Links Quickly in WordPress for Your Users and SEO!
  16. Fixing and Redirecting 404 Errors, Broken External Links
  17. The Science and Strategy of Keyword Research for SEO
  18. PageRank Inbound Link Estimation Chart
  19. Canonicalization: How to Optimize Your Blog Content & URLs to be Canonical
  20. Stop Scrapers From Stealing Your Content and Profiting From It!
  21. Intro to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for Your Blog
  22. How Your Blog’s Design and Usability Influences SEO
  23. 4 Search Behaviors and How to Capitalize on Them for SEO
  24. 10 Must Have Blog Design & Usability Tips to Boost Your SEO
  25. A Quick Start Guide and Checklist for Bing Search Engine Optimization
  26. A Quick Intro to How I Use Bing Webmaster Tools for SEO
  27. 3 Ways to Manage Misspellings and Keyword Typos for SEO
  28. Why I Still Use Meta Keywords for My Blog in Terms of SEO
  29. The 5 Most Important Elements of Your Blog’s Link Profile, Backlinks
  30. 3 Ways to Grow Backlinks and Your Blog’s Link Profile
  31. Paid Links: One Big No No for SEO Link Building
  32. 5 Critical Search Engine Metrics That You Should Be Tracking
  33. 5 SEO Myths to Avoid (Like a Plague of Zombies)
  34. How to Fix Being Banned (Delisted) from Search Engines
  35. The Importance of Using Social Media, Social Sharing for SEO
  36. The Power and Effect of Personalization for Search Results
  37. How the Age of Your Blog Effects Authority, Credibility, & SEO
  38. 7 More SEO Link Strategies That You Need to Know
  39. How Your Blog’s Load Time, Site Speed Impacts Your SEO
  40. The 10 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress
  41. 10 Non Technical SEO Strategies You Need to Know

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