September CryptoPirate-Only Livestream Q&A / Town Hall

Hey CryptoPirates! We’re so glad you’re here!

Part of what makes some of these rewards for your support is having even more direct interaction in a more intimate setting.

I absolutely love Live Streaming to the public and having folks come and go as they please. But, at the same time, I find it really frustrating that I can’t engage more personally with a smaller group of folks.

So, I’m really excited to do our first CryptoPirate-Only Livestream and Q&A later this month! I don’t have an exact date quite yet but I’ll have another update next week on the exact date and time!

Bring your questions and I’ll bring you some answers for the first part of the Live Stream Q/A and then we’ll open the floor to you folks to talk about specific topics that I can address and join in on the conversation!

My hope with the last part is to hear your perspective on what the larger Cryptonation is doing and how our own community is doing as well on The Bitcoin Pub. This is a good time to chat about any major tech updates / changes and even voice any concerns as well.

I want to hear from you!

So, stay tuned for an update about the time! Can’t wait!