Serenity Prayer

God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The Courage to change the things I can,
And the Wisdom to know the difference.

Project: XANGA

The ever-so-famous ‘Serenity‘ prayer, that became one of the creeds behind Alcoholics Anonymous.  It’s truth, though, can be applied to a much greater sphere than just to alcohol abuse alone, as one might have already gathered.

In this life, God, I cannot change, nor control, many things.  From one standpoint, I might argue that I can never alone, on my own accord, change a single thing without the consent of Your own Divine Will.  Nothing that ever happens is outside that Sovereignty and with Your loving hands You guide and move in ways that are beyond human comprehension.  All I can do is beg for a cosmic nod-of-the-head from You as I attempt to follow the straight-and-narrow, cursing the times that I have fallen short and weeping as I struggle to find the beaten path once again.  And yet, Oh God, it seems like a Divine joke, sometimes, when I feel as if this so-called ‘participation’ that I am so inclined to believe in grants me a say in the infinite timeline under Your control.  The serenity that I ask of You Father is not that of beatitude nor of the sublime, but simply that of a state of tranquility; to be still under the wonderous burden of not having to think that I have to do anything to 1, change or affect my future, and 2, to do anything that would give me ownership of the life that I do not own.  God, I ask also for the courage, to believe that I am Your son, that I have been given duties that are beyond any metaphysical explanation, and that need no explanation beyond Your Word and Holy Scripture.  It is courage simply to believe in the impossible; to believe that You believe in me, and, sigh, believe that You are satisfied with what You have already done and created within me.  And, finally, I ask God for the wisdom to know the difference.  To balance action and composure, silence and exclamation, and above all, to be obedient and to submit, and to know that even You are in charge of those two distinct yet parallel responses.

Oh!  May I be more like Jesus.
May God help me.