Make Money Blogging: Services, Consulting, & Business Development

[This is a part of the Make Money Blogging Series.]

Your blog is powerful!

Leveraging your blog to as a channel and funnel for your full time business is one of the most strategic things that you could possibly do! If you’re not yet using your blog as a channel strategy then you’re missing out!

Here’s the point: Your blog is a huge marketing and PR/communications arm for your business and/or freelance operation (Designer/Developer anyone?) and you can “make money blogging” by using it to get new clients, sales, lead generation, and continual business development.

In other words, your blog helps you make money in your other jobs or ways that you make money and a living.

Here are some classic examples:

You can do it!

  • You’re a freelance designer and you blog about your clients and showcase your work. People read it, see it, and hire you to do theirs too!
  • You’re an author who’s been writing books for a while and you’ve realized that blogging about your work, process, and even the books themselves helps to generate sales and energy around them.
  • You’re a software developer and you love what you do and love sharing some of the snippets of code that you generate. You share this on your blog which impresses others and gets you more contract jobs.
  • You’re in the real estate business and you blog about your experience of success, even in a down economy. People find your blog, learn to trust you, and call you to help with their house buying/selling needs.
  • You work in sales for a local firm and talk about strategy, execution, and the use of online technology. Customers within your industry who come to you (and your employer) to buy your products and services.
  • You’re a coach, freelance consultant, or public speaker who loves to blog about a particular niche in which you do you work. It helps funnel more traffic and more requests for engagements all the time.
  • Your run a small web hosting service and are passionate about serving other small businesses and you’ve learned a thing or two about managing those relationships well. Your current customers love to read your insights via your blog and tell others to read your excellent posts. These new visitors eventually sign up to host with your company.

And the list goes on and on and on.

I can’t stress this simple and yet powerful fact: A blog is a significant and profitable mechanism for you to solicit more work and business for your full time job and/or employer.

My Personal Experience

I own and operate a boutique web design and development shop based out of Atlanta, GA called Milk Engine. My team and I love to help “creatively engineer” online web products and projects which could be business websites, web apps, mobile, or strategy consulting and consultation.

But as you can see from the site we don’t carry a portfolio or anything like that. We instead rely exclusively on the following:

  • Referrals – Our pipeline is full of potential leads that know who we are via word of mouth marketing. I personally believe this to be the strongest way to vet new clients and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The people we serve tell others and we get new business. No long sales cycles and no bidding on work.
  • Blogging – I blog heavily about business, entrepreneurship, online strategy, and more on the many blogs that I manage. I can’t tell you how many times I get an email like this: “I read your blog and liked what you wrote about X and saw some of the work that you do and wanted to ask if you do Y?” To which we respond “Yes. Let’s talk.

Here’s the point: Blogging has generated countless leads for my small business. Although I don’t necessarily need the project work to stay afloat financially I enjoy it and love working with clients and my team.

The opportunity is there - Go get it!

5 Tips of Maximizing Your Blog as a Channel Strategy:

Here are 5 things that I would strongly suggest that you do so as to maximize your blog as a channel strategy so that you can funnel new business to your other work and job:

  1. Make It Obvious – Provide all the necessary information on your blog that you have this other business that can help provide your readers with a valuable service. Links on your sidebar, in your ‘About’ page and more.
  2. Blog About Your Business – This might seem obvious but I’ve heard it enough times that people want to “separate” their personal blog from their business for whatever reason. In some circumstances this might make sense but in most of them this is just lost opportunity.
  3. Strategic Linking Everywhere – Provide links to your business site and/or pages that contain information about your services strategically in locations that people will see them. Put it in the footer of your posts, in your RSS Feed, and more.
  4. Share Success – With permission, of course, share your current project work with the world! Just make sure that it’s not all about how awesome a job you did but rather how you provided value and how you might do the same for new clients.
  5. Invest Strategically – If your blog is a serious sales channel, or if you want it to be, then spending a few dollars on design/development on your blog might be a wise idea. Purchasing a Premium WordPress Theme would be a good investment to take your presence and blogging platform to the next level. You have to spend money to make money!

Your blog is a money making machine; it’s just waiting for you to give it the go-ahead to do just that!

Love to hear your stories about how you’ve been leveraging your blog for more business!

[This is a part of the Make Money Blogging Series.]