Heading to New York for Seth Godin Live in May!

Nice glasses.

I’ll be headed to New York in a few weeks for Seth Godin’s Live event on May 16th – I can’t wait!

I’m not even sure what to completely expect except I know that I’ll be seriously challenged to do what I do even better as well as meet up with some very talented and resourceful individuals, not to mention learning from Seth in an intimate environment.

I’d love to serve you guys though as well as I head up there too, so please comment below about some questions that you’d love for me to ask.

Go for it – I’ll be your┬ámessenger and I’ll try to get some of the answered while I’m there! All I can guarantee is that I’ll make the effort to ask them, by the way – I don’t want to be “that” guy who has all the random questions (which means that you should suggest really good ones).

Also, I’m not sure of my travel plans yet but if anyone wants to meet up (or even lend me a couch in the area) that would be sweet!

The weather should be pretty nice in mid-May, right?


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