Seth on 6,000

Seth Godin recently shared that he had published his 6,000 blog post and shared a top-line thought that I can only nod my head in agreement with:

More important than the output, though, is the act itself. The act of doing it every day. When you commit to a practice, you will certainly have days when you don’t feel like it, when you believe it’s not your best work, when the muse deserts you. But, when you keep your commitment, the muse returns. When you keep your commitment, the work happens.

There is only one thing that I have on Seth and that’s the fact that I have more published blog posts than him… and I’m not entirely sure how many it is but it’s well into the 10’s of thousands. This blog here, alone, houses over 9,500

The reality is that when you show up, things happen. Sometimes they are great things. Sometimes nothing happens. Sometimes things that you wanted to happen happen and sometimes things you didn’t want to happen actually end up happening anyways.

But, continuing to move forward, personally, professionally, whatever it may be, is the most important thing that you can be doing. Creating momentum and being as confident as you can be in those few steps is life-giving, life-changing.

I know this because I’m an avid career-pivot enthusiast. I continue to reform and transform the way that I think about my career and the value that I’m creating for companies, my family, and for myself. It’s not always right and oftentimes I’m really wrong about it. But when I’m right, man… am I right.

And that feels great and is worth it every single time.