For the first time in 6 months I feel “settled” even though I still have a ton of things to figure out. It used to be all about my work and the things I was investing my daily hours into but that has become less a factor as it relates to the feeling of being settled.

Now, more than ever, it’s about my family and their sense of well-being in this new city that we’re calling home. My two kids like our new apartment and Sue is enjoying the city and all that it has to offer.

After a successful Thanksgiving meal... rest... on the floor.

After a successful Thanksgiving meal… rest… on the floor.

After having moved a bunch of times we’ve landed in what we feel is going to be “good” for now. If we’ve learned anything we know that nothing is forever and the moment we feel too comfortable it’s typically time to move on.

And moving is something that we’ve gotten really good at over the last 10 years of marriage. In fact, we’ve done it 15 times (I counted)

  1. Athens – GA
  2. Historic Fourth Ward – Atlanta, GA
  3. Duluth – GA
  4. Steiner Ranch – Austin, TX
  5. Round Rock – Austin, TX
  6. Norcross, GA
  7. Windward Parkway – Alpharetta, GA
  8. Bethany Creek – GA
  9. Candler Park – Atlanta, GA
  10. Inman Park – Atlanta, GA
  11. Mission – SF, CA
  12. Bernal Heights – SF, CA
  13. Glen Park – SF, CA
  14. Balboa, Ingleside – SF, CA
  15. Hayes Valley – SF, CA

It’s crazy to think that we’ve moved this many times! And, that most of them were because of my work… my wife is unbelievably supportive and I’m so grateful and thankful for her allowing me to do all that I’ve been able to do over the last 10 years, including company building (startups), working on two graduate degrees, working for Fortune 50’s, and then having two kids (each one in a different state) all at the same time.

Unreal, to be honest. We’ve had a lifetime of experiences and we only feel like we’ve just gotten started!

So, to say it again, feeling “settled” has less to do with the location and more about the sense of our family feeling whole, a sense that we’re a strong family unit and that we know who we want to be as a team.

And it’s the team that I’ve been most obsessed about in the last few months. This is going to be “it” for the rest of our lives and it’s got to be the very best that it can possibly be.