Sexual Harassment

We need to talk more candidly about the problems within our professional world, not just the tech industry that’s been getting a lot of attention recently but in all markets, in all industries, and in all types of businesses where there are women and men.

Essentially, everywhere. We need to create more open dialogue and better reporting. We need greater courage and leadership from everyone (and especially those in official leadership positions).

So, I want to do my part and talk about stuff like that. I want to do my part and talk about sexual harassment in the workplace.

You see, I believe that it should be on the table and not under the table and any amount of discomfort that I may personally feel is nothing compared to what many women have had to endure and experience.

This is especially important because I’m a business owner in the tech industry that has a lot of problems. Instead of not being part of the problem and just passively saying that I do not actively contribute to the problem is not enough. I need to be an active part of the solution.

And let me be clear: I am not as well-educated in this area as I’d like and I certainly do not have the empirical knowledge (and will never have it fully) like the many women in my life do who have, in fact, experienced sexual harassment personally.

So, what I can do is pass along better blog posts, like this one from Brittany, who does a great job of sharing her perspective and her thoughts on how we can begin to build a better model of engagement for sexual harassment.

We need allies and it starts with:

  1. Opening the door to conversation.
  2. Treat stories as data points, not accusations.
  3. Define and collaborate on policy. Revisit regularly.

This is just the beginning of a long and difficult fight. But I believe it is a winnable one. I believe we can actually make significant progress here and it starts with you and me having the courage and decency to talk about it openly.

So, get started.